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"John is a Duties Specialist and the author of the Electronic "Duties Assessing Handbook NSW" for Practitioners

  ABOUT JOHN       
  John Read   

John is the principal of CJ Conveyeyancing Pty Ltd and is a Duties Specialist with over 26 Years’ experience as a Duties Senior Assessor with the Office of State Revenue (OSR).

John is the author of the Electronic "Duties Assessing Handbook NSW" for Practitioners. which has been published to assist Practitioners who self-assess Duties on the OSR Electronic Duties Return (EDR) system. The publication is available as part of the Conveyancing Manual, on the Thomson Reuters website. The publication is also available as a standalone publication through Thomson Reuters.

John also conducts Seminars for the Australian Institute of Conveyancers outlining the main functions of the handbook and advising assessing procedures to be followed as best practice for practitioners. Benefit from the expertise of author John Reid to improve your understanding of the system so that you minimise the risk of:

  • having to pay large sums of duty on behalf of your client for incorrect assessments, or
  • being sued by your client for assessing errors, or
  • having to claim duty payable on your insurance.